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Leading Learning by networking (LeLeNet)

LeLeNet logga

The project interlinks two topical issues: school networking and inclusive education (respectively diversity management at schools). Schools in the EU have different experience with diversity and inclusive education, their systems and ways to support schools and teachers are different. The project will compare the situation in the individual countries (schools), enable to mutually exchange experience and create educational materials which will support innovative approach to the work of headteachers and in their efforts to manage professional learning networks. The main target groups are headteachers and their educators.
The aim is to create learning material supporting headteachers competences in managing the professional networks and in supporting the networking culture in schools. The continual co-operation and sharing the experience among teachers can enhance the quality of learning in schools and strengthen the teachers in their efforts to cope with diversity in schools.

The project will also create a theoretical framework of networking for headteachers (a theoretical-empirical study as a base for the training modules), analyze the situation and needs of the head teachers in the area of management of networks in individual countries and their comparison (as a base for the training modules), and identify strategies for the use of the educational materials in the individual countries through piloting the educational material, sharing of experience (network) of head teachers, trainers of the head teachers and other people involved by the means of national and international sections on the web.



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